Say g'day to your Chinese guestsMany Australian businesses have not yet fully grasped the scope of the ‘golden dragon’ – the massive opportunities provided by Chinese visitors to Australia (both tourists and students).

On behalf of the Australia China Business Council, I hope you can join me as I discuss the keys to Capturing the Chinese Tourist Market on Tuesday 18 June at 12:30pm.

Let’s crunch the numbers. Over the next 10 years, Chinese visitors to Australia are expected to grow by 11.9 percent each year. In 2026-27, Chinese tourism to Victoria is forecast to be worth $7 billion and contribute 39% to total expenditure in Victoria.

It’s not a case of ‘should’ your business focus on the growing Chinese market… it’s a question of ‘how can you afford not to?’

Book now: Capturing the Chinese Tourist Market with Bill Lang, presented by ACBC Victoria

I’ve been a keen student of the Chinese opportunity for many years. The most striking feature of this growing segment is how easy it is for Australian businesses to separate themselves and promote their business as ‘China-friendly’, with massive rewards following.

To ‘capture the dragon’ and leverage the opportunities across multiple sectors, businesses will need to provide payment systems, hospitality and appropriate communication to meet the needs of Chinese tourists in Australia.

During this session, I’ll share my expertise on doing business with Chinese consumers, so you have a greater understanding of how to connect with this burgeoning market.

Should you translate your signage or menus into Mandarin, Cantonese or Pinyin? Do your frontline customer service staff need to learn basic greetings? What are the quirks of Chinese culture – such as the importance of numbers, the concept of ‘face’ and the different personal space expectations of Chinese guests – that your business needs to be aware of? And why do handbags need chairs? All will be revealed on Tuesday 18 June… I hope to see you there.

ACBC Victoria present ‘Capturing the Chinese Tourist Market with Bill Lang’, Tuesday 18 June 2019, 12.30pm, at Victoria University. $55 ACBC Members, $75 General Admission (+GST and online booking fee). For more details visit