Laek GibsonThe City of Yarra in Melbourne Australia today informed 2,000 of their resident businesses of the offering from one of their own, Bill Lang International.

Businesses with over 5 employees are eligible to receive up to 30 hours of business planning and coaching support to improve and grow their businesses. Approved businesses are required to invest $1,000 and Small Business Victoria pays the remaining $9,000.

A number of Yarra based businesses are involved in the program and are finding it worthwhile – they are improving their planning, marketing and sales skills, developing new products and services and identifying how to access capital and develop their staff.

Watch a short video about the service and learn how to register your interest or call Marita or Martin on 03 9473 3678.

“Bill Lang ran a series of business coaching sessions with Digital Tonic. We are always looking for ways to improve and saw clear value in Bill’s offering. After working with Bill to clarify our business goals and key value proposition, we feel we’re now in a great position to attract the clients who can benefit most from our unique skill set and business model. We highly recommend Bill to anyone looking to take their business to another level.”

– Nickolas Kardamitsis, Digital Producer at Digital Tonic